Julius Williams

Julius Williams is an award-winning conductor, composer, recording artist, educator, author and pianist. His career has taken him from his native New York to musical venues around the globe, and has involved virtually every musical genre. He was Music Director of the Washington Symphony (1998-2003) which was the official Orchestra of Washington, DC.  He was also the artistic director of the Music Festival of Costa del Sol in Spain, and as Artistic Director of the School of Choral Studies of New York State Summer School of the Arts for Ten seasons, other appearances include, The Tri-C Jazz Festival in 1999 concert series in Cleveland Ohio where he opened the season by conducting a powerful performance of Duke Ellington’s “Sacred Service”. He has served as Assistant Conductor to the late Maestro Lucas Foss with The Brooklyn Philharmonic and with The American Symphony in New York.  He is presently conductor of the Longar Ebony Symphony Orchestra in New York. In Europe, Maestro Williams has performed and recorded with The Prague Radio Symphony, The Principal Military orchestra of the Russian federation, the Moscow Conservatory Symphony Orchestra, The Dvorak Symphony Orchestra, The Volvodanksa Symphony of Serbia, The Dubrovnik Symphony of Croatia, The Brno State Philharmonic, The Bohuslav-Martinu Philharmonic Orchestra, and The Music Festival of Costa del Sol, Spain.  A prolific composer, Maestro Williams has created dozens of works for virtually every genre of contemporary classical performance, including opera, ballet, orchestra, chamber ensemble, chorus and solo voice, dance, musical theatre, and film. His music has been performed by countless symphony orchestras, chamber ensembles around the globe. Julius Williams is the author of an article on Duke Ellington (Emerge Magazine, 1999), and is co-author/editor of a vocal anthology on Hall Johnson (Carl Fischer, 2003).