20 Concert Studies

J.S. Bach
Catalog numbers: 

SMC B230/ HL 3770321

Detailed Instrumentation: 
Flute Unaccompanied
Although these studies were not originally composed for the flute, they retain the abundant richness of melodic and harmonic treasure associated with the music of Bach.  A variety of transpositions were selected in order to accommodate the flute range in addition to offering technical challenges for the player.  This book includes the following studies: Double, Courante, Sarabande, Allemande, from Partita No.1 for Violin; Courante and Sarabande, from Partita No.2 for Violin; Bouree and Gigue from Partita No.3 for Violin; Prelude and Allemande from Suite No. 2 for Cello, Allemande, Bourree I and II, and Gigue, from Suite No. 3 for Cello, Prelude, Allemande and Courante from Suite No. 4 for Cello, Gigue, from Suite No. 6 for Cello, Prelude No. 6 from Vol. 1 Well Tempered Clavichord, Prelude No. 3 from Well Tempered Clavichord.