20 Solo Studies (solo part)

Marco Bordogni
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SMC B235SP/ HL 3770330

Detailed Instrumentation: 
Marco Bordogni (1788-1856) of Italy, from whom these studies were adapted, was one of the leading operatic tenors and teachers of his time.  These studies have been selected and transcribed from the Bordogni's "Vocalises" for instrumental use, and they have been systematically and progressively arranged to develop technique and musicianship through the interpretation of melody in all its varied forms of expression.  The aim is the development of a beautiful, singing tone, and the attainment of the greatest fluency, not as an end in itself, but as a means of achieving artistic interpretation of all music.  These Studies develop breath control, articulation (especially legato), a tasteful use of ornaments (which need not be performed by the less experienced student), and a command of the instrument.