Allegretto: from Symphony No. 5, Mvt. 2

Dmitri Shostakovich
Catalog numbers: 

SMC SO125C/ HL 294846

Duration (minutes): 
Detailed Instrumentation: 
String orchestra
Shostakovich’s Fifth Symphony was written in 1937 and premiered that year in Leningrad (St. Petersburg). It was a major success with an ovation lasting over 30 minutes. The symphony is approximately 45 minutes in length and has four movements.  Allegretto is the second movement. It is a scherzo in form with a vein of humor that approaches grotesqueness. The work is a waltz parody with marcato sections of intense contrast.
This arranged and edited transcription is in first position for young people and maintains the original key. There are indicated cues for support of certain passages. Ossias are provided for the better players to perform within the original ranges.  For younger groups who may find the duration a little challenging, it may be shortened by taking one or both of the two cuts indicated in the score. This is the first-ever publication for string orchestra from this great symphony.