Ashoob: Calligraphy No. 14 for Santoor and String Quartet

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LKMP X505013/ HL 197719

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Persian Santoor, String Quartet
Ashoob (Calligraphy No. 14) was written for Dariush Saghafi and the Carpe Diem String Quartet. Reza Vali’s "Calligraphies" series is a set of an ongoing cycle of works based on the Persian modal system, the "Dastgâh", which he has been composing since 2000. The basic compositional material of the work is derived from a fast tempo genre, called the "Reng", which is usually performed at the end of a traditional Persian music concert. Versions for Persian Santoor with string quartet (original) and for string quartet only are available from the publisher. The original version was premiered on March 18-20, 2016 at the McConnell Arts Center in Columbus, Ohio, by Dariush Saghafi, Santoor, and the Carpe Diem String Quartet.