Ballade: Tone and Performance Studies No 15

Julius Weissenborn
Catalog numbers: 

SMC SU536/ HL 288769

Duration (minutes): 
Detailed Instrumentation: 
Bassoon, Piano
BALLADE, NO. 15 (op. 9 no. 6) is a unique work in the collection in its folk-like quality. The piano introduction marked Allegretto contrasts with the slower Andante when the bassoon is first introduced. The repeat at the end of the work can be considered optional, but the work is very short without it. The grace notes should all be played before the beat and the trill in m. 17 can be played as a turn. The E to F# mordent in m. 7 can be played by picking up the second and third fingers in the right hand from the full high E fingering, and the F# octave slurs in measures 13 and 14 can be facilitated by fingering the F# using the second finger and Eb key only in the left hand and a Bb fingering in the right hand.