Concerto for Amplified Piano and Wind Ensemble

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LKMP R01623/ HL 369021

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Solo Amplified Piano: Wind Ensemble
Commissioned by an Indiana University Fellowship in 2001, this work was inspired by the two principals of the premiere performance: Paul Barnes (soloist) and Ray Cramer (conductor). The work requires that the piano be amplified to put the piano on an equal footing with the wind band, which allows for more complex interplay between the soloist and ensemble through the entire dynamic spectrum. The work is three movements: I. Signals (which borrows rhythmic scoring ideas from epic score by Richard Rogers and arrangements of Robert Russell Bennett for the 1952 WWII documentary, "Victory at Sea), II. Remembrance (composed in the months following the death of the composer's father), and III. Running iwht Scissors (so titled for the very precarious metric and rhythmic fabric which holds the movement together).