Concerto for Violin and Orchestra

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EBM EBM0610097/ HL 45063

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3(Pi/Alto)2(EH)4(Eb/BsCl/Basset)3 4220 Timp Pc Str (no Vlns)
Although widely heralded as a masterpiece, Sessions' brilliant Violin Concerto (1935) suffered through a painful adolescence. The original New York premiere was canceled by the soloist, and the work was not performed there until 1959; only recently has the work begun to find the respect which it deserves. The finale is a nerve-wracking exercise in perpetual motion. Albert Spalding, who was to have played the solo part in the premiere, objected to the movement's relentless intensity and eventually declined to play the piece. It would be up to the New York Philharmonic's new music director -- the young Leonard Bernstein -- to resurrect Sessions' hopes for a New York premiere. - Description by Blair Johnston. Movements: 1. Largo e tranquillo, 2. Scherzo (allegro), 3. Romanza (andante), 4. Molto vivace e sempre