Coventry Variant

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SMC S685CB/ HL 3778061

Duration (minutes): 
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Concert Band
COVENTRY VARIANT is based on the "Coventry Carol", a 14th-century English nativity carol.  From the beginning fanfare, the work celebrates the carol's message of hope and the triumph of good over evil.  It is written in a continuous three-section form: I. a brief introductory "maestoso" statement with a motivic transformation of the carol in a fast tempo making use of asymmetrical meter relationships, giving a dance-like character.  II.  Slower and more lyrical in nature.  III. A return to the material from the opening section, with alterations which lead to the final triumphal statement of the carol as one layer of multiple rhythmic strata.  A return of the opening fanfare followed by a brief presto brings the work to its conclusion.