Cross Currents

Lynn Glassock
Catalog numbers: 

SMC SU187CO/ HL 3776023

Duration (minutes): 
Detailed Instrumentation: 
5M, 4P
This piece for an advanced percussion nonet requires the following instrumentation: Player 1- vibraphone, high woodblock, castanets, Player 2- Vibraphone, medium woodblock, Player 3- chimes, tambourine, low woodblock, Player 4- marimba, claves, medium cowbell, Player 5- marimba, large cowbell, Player 6- timpani, tambourine, Player 7- 2 snare drums, bongos, suspended cymbal, Player 8- bass drum, toms, large cowbell, and Player 9- marimba, triangles, suspended cymbals, temple blocks, bells of cymbals.