Dream-Tombeau Crucifixus

Catalog numbers: 

LKMP X410083/ HL 41712

Duration (minutes): 
Detailed Instrumentation: 
Solo Piano
Dream-Tombeau: Crucifixus (2003) for piano was written for and is dedicated to Gordon Rumson. I have admired Gordon’s playing, writing, and general musical understanding for some time and had wished to write an extended musical work for him. This piece was inspired specifically by his way of playing the piano and his musical insights. This work unfolds over a long duration—with a slow pace. The basic material for the work consists of a series of musical objects: 1) a 12-note set; 2) a sequence of chords in an extended tonality; 3) and a brief quotation from the motet Jubilate Deo by the Renaissance composer Orlando di Lasso.