Drums of Summer for Chorus and Winds

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EBM EBM0630115/ HL 45276

Duration (minutes): 
Detailed Instrumentation: 
SATB chamber choir (4 vcs per part)/ 2 (2pc). 2(eh). 2, bc, cbc. 2 (cbn)/, eu/db (low C)/pf.cel.tp (Korean tmpb, wb).5perc [1: picc sd, timbales, 2 sm toms; 2: tamb, be, 3 med toms, cabasa, mar, cro, vb, 3 clay dms; 3: sm tmpb, sm tri, mar, bongo
This composition for SATB chamber choir and wind ensemble takes text from four different writers for each of its movements: I. The Walden Pond Parade (Thoreau), II. Hermanitos (Torres), III. Dark Girl (Bontemps), IV. River-bed (Paz). Commissioned by the Meadows Wind Ensemble, Dallas Texas Jack Delaney, director. Premiered and recorded in 1997, and it received a Pulitzer Prize nomination in 1998.