Dufrasne Routine

Louis Dufrasne
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SMC B569/ HL 3770914

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Louis Victor Dufrasne (1878-1941) was a highly praised performer in the first part of the Twentieth century, holding major first horn positions in opera and symphony orchestras in Europe and the United States.  He was known for his beauty of tone, artistry and impeccable technique.  His biggest legacy is the handful of students he tutored, notably Philip Farkas (who cited Drufrsne's teachings as the biggest single influence in his life), Helen Kotas, Frank Brouk, and Clyde Miller, to name a few, each who in their turn went to teach their own students.  One can argue that, today, there is a little bit of Dufrasne in most horn players in the United States, and a multitude of others around the world.  So here, published for the first time, are the exercises that Dufrasne went through before every concert, which gave him according to Frank Brouk, "endurance like nobody else."  This edition by Thomas Bacon guides players through the routine to achieve the best results.