Famous Flute Works: Anthology of Studies for Flute

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SMC B573/ HL 3770918

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This outstanding collection of thirty-eight etudes by generations of master flute teachers has been collected and carefully grouped by the area of technique each one emphasizes. Included are studies by Andersen, Koehler, Paganini, Karg-Elert, Furstenau, Bach, Garibaldi, Jeanjean, Berbiguier, Camus and Soussmann.
I. Tonguing Etudes
II. Double Tonguing Etudes
III. Triple Tonguing Etudes
IV. Slurring Etudes in Groups of Three
V. Slurring Etudes in Groups of Four
VI. Slurring in Groups of Five or More
VII. Etudes Involving Leaps, Lip Slurs and Octaves
VIII. Slurring Etudes with a Musical Line
IX. Slurring and Tonguing Etudes with Mixed Groupings
X. Musical Etudes with Ornamentation