Four Persian Mystic Poems for Soprano or Mezzo Soprano, Guitar, Percussion, Harp, and Piano

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LKMP X081066/ HL 356844

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Soprano/Mezzo Soprano, Guitar, Percussion, Harp, and Piano
Originally written for voice, lute, oud, harp and percussion, this settings of Four Persian Mystic Poems by Reza Vali are for solo voice (mezzo soprano or soprano), guitar, harp, piano, and percussion: vibraphone Persian daf (or tom-toms), crotales, large claves, large suspended cymbal, and tom-toms.  The original was commissioned by the Alba Consort Ensemble, and this version was written for the NAT 28 Ensemble in Pittsburgh.  Aside from the original, one (titled THE MYSTERY OF THE ROSE) more instrumental-only version for flute, violin and piano is available from the publisher.  Poems/Movements: I. The Morning Discourse (Hafez), II. Do Not Sorrow (Hafez), III. The Mystery of the Rose (Sepehri), IV. When I Think of the Creator (Rumi)