Graceful Ghost Rag for Band

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EBM EBM0610627/ HL 45173

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Concert Band
His most popular work, William Bolcom describes his compositional approach to "Ghost" as being similar to Kreisler, with a little bit of Joe Venuti thrown in for good measure. The key to this work is found in its character, which evokes a melancholic sadness, a limpid gracefulness that is perhaps indicative of Bolcom’s enduring feelings for its inspiration, the memory of the composer’s father, Robert Samuel Bolcom. Adapted from his well-known piano composition, this moderate ragtime was arranged by the composer for symphony band. This work utilizes a transparent scoring style along with soloistic passages that contrast nicely with brief soli features for various sections of the ensemble. The lyric quality lends itself quite well to the rhythmic and syncopated style making it both uniquely elegant and rewarding.