I Dream of Peace for Children's Chorus and Chamber Orchestra

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EBM EBM0610740/ HL 45191

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Children's 2 part chorus: Perc.Hp: Str
In 1996, during a trip to Washington, DC, Robert Jager and his wife visited the Holocaust Museum.  In the bookstore of the museum, the composer discovered a book of poims and drawings by children of former Yugoslavia.  Both the pictures and the words came to life, and it was immediately apparent that his text cried out for music. With the permission of the United Nations Children's Education Fund, and with a grant from the Tennessee Arts Commission, the composition I Dream of Peace for two-part children's chorus and orchestra was written.  The seven movements of the composition paint a picture of despair, devastation, fear, and anger.  But in the end, the eternal optimism of the children shines through with a glimmer of hope for peace.  Movements: I. Prelude: As If Nothing Happened II. I Am Speaking to You  III. War is the Saddest Word  IV. In My Dreams  V. Testimony  VI. If I Were President  VII. I Dream of Peace