Joyce's 71st NY Regiment March

Thornton Barnes Boyer
Catalog numbers: 

SMC S678/ HL 3778036

Duration (minutes): 
Detailed Instrumentation: 
Symphonic Band
The original version by Boyer, written sometime prior to 1881, has long been a favored warhorse of military and traditional concert bands.  Its dramatic opening and florid second strain give the march great dignity and pomp.  Arranger James Barnes was astonished upon seeing an original copy to find dramatic differences (largely in instrumentation) between the original and later 1937 Lake edition.  In this adaptation for modern symphonic band, James Barnes has taken the utmost care to preserve the character of the original version of this march.  No harmony was changed, no lines were added, and no voicings were altered.  Articulations were clarified and made consistent throughout, a few notes added to the percussion parts (all in parenthesis), a full score created, a suitable cymbal part was written for modern performers (instead of the expectation that the bass drummer would improvise with the cymbals), and a glockenspiel part was added.