Maria la O: Romanza

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EBM MP800020/ HL 369036

Duration (minutes): 
Detailed Instrumentation: 
Soprano and Piano
The Marks orchestration of Ernesto Lecuona's (1892-1934) zarzuela is, at once, the first-ever critical (to the extent that this is possible), and, more importantly, the first-ever performing edition. It utilizes all extant notated and aural materials for Maria la O for its creation. It was edited 2001-2011 by Dr. Evan Hause.  The orchestration in this edition is fully computer-engraved.  The percussion parts, mostly unnotated in the original materials, were transcribed and edited for this edition, yet they still allow for the freedom to take a traditional, improvisatory approach to the music as per the original.  This excerpt is taken from the new edition.