Mill City Sketches

Catalog numbers: 

SMC S941CB/ HL 147329

Duration (minutes): 
Detailed Instrumentation: 
2x6.2.2x6 + 1x2 Bcl.2x1: Saxes 0.2x2.1x2.1x1: 2x4.2x2.2x3.3/2 Euph:6: Timp.5x1 Perc
Mill City Sketches is an adventurous tone poem for wind band inspired by some of America's early entrepreneurs during the Industrial Revolution. It chronicles the bustling beginnings of the flour industry in Minneapolis, the catastrophic explosion of the Washburn A Flour Mill, the rebuilding period, and the final return to productivity. This rhapsodic work features soaring melodic lines, driving rhythms, and interesting parts for each instrument. The scoring is pleasantly open and transparent while maintaining plentiful doublings to ensure balance and secure playing across sections of the band.