Miracle, The for Men's Chorus, Woodwind Quintet & Perc.

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EBM MP094005/ HL 354968

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TTBB, Woodwind Quintet, 2 Percussion
Subtitled: Nine Madrigals after Giovanni Pascoli. Arnold Weinstein’s poem “The Miracle” is an evocative presentation of an imagined scene from the life of the Renaissance painter Paolo Ucello (1397-1475). The piece not only summons images of a painter and his creations, but also develops an intense dramatic situation involving Ucello and St. Francis of Assisi. “The Miracle” was commissioned by the Rutgers Glee Club, Patrick Gardner, director. World Premiere was on March 4, 2000 at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey. Movements: Madrigals: I. bird, no money, bird; II. joy squeezed into perspective; III. birds, birds, birds; IV. temptation; V. the bawling out; VI. more of the bawling out; VII. the saint gets the point; VIII. the point of Paolo's paint; IX. a good night's rest