Model Bride, The: Operetta in Two Acts (1949)

Don Wilson
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EBM EBM0670025/ HL 45402

Duration (minutes): 
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Cast, Piano or pit orchestra
The Story (from the 1949 vocal score) Mme. Beaumont, proprietress of a famed Atlantic City Modiste Shop, takes an interest in all her customer. So do her six charming mannikins who are endowed with a fair share of feminine (sic) curiosity. So, when Larry Purcell buys trunk-loads of wedding finery with apparently no particular bride in view, the rumors fly thick and fast. In making all his purchase, Larry has insisted that Dulcie model the luxurious creations. In true Cinderella fashion, she displays the gowns, secretly wishing that she might be the brie. However, her dream are shattered when Mme. Beaumont runs across a newspaper item commenting on Larry’s approaching wedding. A duet in which Larry tells Dulcie that she has been the Model Bride all along sets everything right and the curtain falls with a wedding just around the corner. The Cast Mme. BEAUMONT, a modiste*Mezzo or Contralto DULCIE DU LONG, the MODEL BRIDE*Soprano LARRY PURCELL, a Beau of the Board-Walk*Baritone or Tenor Note: This part may be taken by a girl (sic) in case an “all girl” production is desired. JULIE MARIE HELENE LUCIE CLAIRE ANISE Models at Mme. BEAUMONT’S Dress Shop. Members of the singing ensemble. Marionettes, Dancers, Customers, etc. TIME: The Present (sic 1949)