Musics of Memory for Piano, Marimba, Guitar and Harp

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LKMP X647301/ HL 251744

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Piano, Guitar, Marimba and Harp
This quartet for piano, guitar, marimba and harp was inspired by the writings of neuroscientist Antonio Damasio.  In it, the piano represents a human being whose lived experiences are mapped in brain areas that are represented by the guitar, marimba, and harp.  Like the piano, the other three instruments are polyphonic and so can "map" harmonic content as well as melodic and rhythmic content expressed by the piano in the first movement, "Lived Experience".  This mapping is not passive but rather involves active contributions from inside the brain.  The three remaining movements take the performer and listener alike through the journey of these mapped memories.  Movements: I. Lived Experience, II. Mapping, III. Reassessed, Rearranged, IV. Recollection