The Rose, Shamrock and Thistle

John Philip Sousa
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SMC S860EP/ HL 3778777

Duration (minutes): 
Detailed Instrumentation: 
Concert Band
This work is subtitled as "Patrol of the United Kingdom." The patrol is a popular musical devise that depicts the approach of a body of people, soldiers, or a band, climaxing in the manner of an approaching band just as it reaches the listener, and then gradually passes in the distance.  For the Sousa Band's tour of the British Isles in 1901, Sousa collected a group of traditional and popular songs to fashion his patrol, represnting the traditional and heraldic symbols for England, Ireland, and Scotland.  Quotations used: 1. The Campbells Are Coming- Scotland, 2. St. Patrick's Day- Ireland, 3. The Soldiers of the Queen- England, 4. The Minstrel Boy- Ireland, 5. The British Grenadiers- England, 6. The Blue Bells of Scotland- Scotland, 7. For He is an Englishman- England, and 8. Rule Britannia- England.  This is part of the "New Sousa Band Editions" arrangements published in honor of the Sousa Sesquicentennial, celebrating the compositions and performance practice of John Philip Sousa with his legendary band (1892 - 1931).  Stylistic choices are adapted from available sources, including the original scores, parts and sketches, first printings, printed parts used by the Sousa Band, recordings by Sousa's Band, period writings, word of mouth from former Sousa Band musicians, and verbal accounts from the period.  It is the goal of these editions to make this very special musical legacy more easily available for modern performances.