Sixteen Etudes

Paul Jeanjean
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SMC B555/ HL 3770901

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This edition was first published in 1924, and were representative of the fashionable, modern style of composition sweeping the musical scene in France in the years following Wolrd War I, which included concepts such as whole tone, pentatonic, and modal scales, irregular, shifting rhytms and time signatures, and elegant nuances such as swelling and diminishing phrases, graceful embellishments, and ever changing tonal colorings.  When studied as a prelude to or in conjunction with the popular "Solo de Concours" repertoire, these etudes provide a solid foundation for an enhanced understanding of the early 20th century French style.  Additionally, students wil fund the Jeanjan "18 Etudes de perfectionment" more approachable if they have first spent some time with these sixteen.  This edition by David and Jean Hite was prepared to produce a clean, easy reading, attractive presentation of these inspired etudes, and it draws together varous performance notes and analyses from the original edition, with supplemental suggestions from the editor.