Songs By John Duke, Vol. 2

John Duke
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SMC B348/ HL 3770516

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This four volume collection of songs was created with the avowed purpose of offering a substantial group of John Duke's previously unpublished songs.  It is published in collaboration with The Society of the Friends of John Duke.
Volume 2 Contents: 1. Reveille (А.Е. Housman), 2. O, It Was out by Donneycarney (James Joyce), 3. Bread and Music (Conrad Aiken), 4. Stop All the Clocks (W.H. Auden), 5. Counting the Beats (Robert Graves), 6. Survivor (Archibald MacLeish), 7. Give Me Your Hand (John Wheelock), 8. The Black Panther (John Wheelock), 9. Spirit's House (Sara Teasdale), 10. Mastery (Sara Teasdale), 11. Lessons (Sara Teasdale), 12. In а Burying Ground (Sara Teasdale), 13. Wood Song (Sara Teasdale), 14. Refuge (Sara Teasdale), 15. At the Aquarium (Max Eastman), 16. Dirge (Adelaide Crapsey), 17. Night Coming out of а Garden (Lord Alfred Douglas), 18. The Dark Hills (Е.А. Robinson)