A Swedish Melody, Haunting and Sublime: Ack Varmeland du skona

Norman Nelson
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SMC S960FS/ HL 236116

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Concert Band
This arrangement is based on the Swedish folksong Ack, Värmeland, du sköna. ("Oh Värmeland, You Fair and Lovely Place").  The lyrics of the song speak of the beauty of the landscape and the wonderful nature of the people that live there.  Although the folksong is presented with some alterations, an attempt is made to capture the attractiveness of the melody and the sentiments expressed in the lyrics. This piece was inspired by Gary Garner, who expressed a need in the band literature for pieces with artistic value that are appropriate for intensive rehearsal and public performance, are easy enough for many bands to play, and give the ensemble a chance to work on intonation, balance, and phrasing.