Symphony No. 6

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LKMP R01530/ HL 139700

Duration (minutes): 
Detailed Instrumentation: 
3(2dPicc, 3dAfl).3(3dEH).3(3dBcl).2+Cbsn: 4.3(in Bb).3.1: Timp(dPerc).Perc(3).Hp.Clst: Str
Stankovych's sixth symphony casts a dramatic arc across its unconventional, continuous two-movement structure. Competing themes emerge in the brooding first movement, the tension between them eventually leading to a powerful emotional climax midway into the piece. The second movement, now stealing in on sustained violins, assumes a more meloncholy character as the themes introduced previously become intertwined, and ultimately dissolve into a murmuring, hopeful conclusion.