Three Dozen Delights, Dedications, Aphorisms, Alleluias, Amens, Exhortations and Benedictions

Catalog numbers: 

EBM EBM256157/ HL 256157

Detailed Instrumentation: 
SATB Chorus, with/without Keyboard
The pieces in Warren Benson's one-of-a-kind liturgical, choral “activity book” (for lack of a better term) are meant to be sung, used, enjoyed, admired, and drawn from as a well. This never-before-published collection is filled with the joy of singing and communion, with selections that range from the sacred to the secular, the unison to the contrapuntal, the technical to the simple, the modern to the historical. Each piece is 1-2 pages in length and a very few use keyboard accompaniment. Sacred and secular texts range from the Bible to Dickens and Balzac.