Thuenpa Puen Zhi (The Four Harmonius Friends): A Buddhist Tale

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LKMP X081058/ HL 238063

Duration (minutes): 
Detailed Instrumentation: 
Shinebue (sub. Western Flute), Violoncello, Bass Trombone, Piano, World Drums, and Narrator
This chamber piece for shinebue (sub. western flute), violoncello, bass trombone, piano, world drums, and narrator was commissioned by Dr. Steve Wilson (bass trombone), University of Texas at El Paso, and was composed for Silk Road members Mike Block (violoncello), Kaoru Watanabe (shinebue), and Shane Shanahan (world drums).  The text is based off of a Buddhist myth of four animals (elephant, monkey, rabbit, and brightly colored bird), and how they became friends through working together to solve a problem.