The U.S. Field Artillery

John Philip Sousa
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SMC S834CB/ HL 3778671

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Concert Band
This march is one of the New Sousa band arrangements published in honor of the Sousa Sesquincentennial, November 2004, celebrating the compositions and performance practice of John Philip Sousa with his legendary band (1892-1931).  Stylistic choices are adapted from available sources, including the original scores, parts and sketches, first printings, printed parts usd by the Sousa Band, recordings by Sousa's Band, period writings, word of mouth from former Sousa Band musicians, and verbal accounts from the period.  Derived from "The Caisson Song" melody composed by Lt. Edmund L. Gruber, "The U.S. Field Artillery" became the army's most popular melody when it was published, and is now the army's official song.  This arrangement by Keith Brion can be performed with or without singing.