Victory (Nike)

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SMC S963FS/ HL 277814

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Concert Band
Victory (Nike) is comprised of three sections: Allegro-Largo-Allegro. The melodic elements within the movements share the same intervallic shapes, as they are varied in different tempi, rhythmic, harmonic and architectural developments, while remaining related and united throughout the piece. The work ends with a wild, pulsating passage carrying the music to its screaming climax.
Nike, the Greek word for “victory,” is most duly noted in ancient history. After the badly outnumbered Greeks somehow managed to drive back the invading Persians from the coastal plain of Marathon, a messenger was dispatched to Athens to deliver the news of the victory. After running about 26 miles to the Acropolis, he burst into the chambers proclaiming “Nike! Nike! Nenikekiam” (“Victory! Victory! Rejoice, we conquer!”). Then he promptly collapsed from exhaustion and died. Marathons to date use this 26 mile run as its origin.
…“Victory is large in scope and introduces different harmonic and melodic perspectives to the concert band world…musically on par with symphonies by some of the master composers.”
J. W. Pepper