Wedding, A: Opera in 2 Acts (reduced orchestra)

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EBM EBM0670039/ HL 45410

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14 Soloists: ColSop.3Sop.LyrSop.M-s.2LyrM-s.2Ten.2Bar.LyrBar.DrBar: 2(2dPicc).2(2dEH).2(1dECl.2dBCl).2: 2.2(1dPiTpt&Cnt).1(+BTbn).0: Perc(2): Kbd: Str: Onstage 5-pc Dance Band (TSax.EKbd.EGtr.EBs.Trap Set)
Based on the motion picture A Wedding by Robert Altman and John Considine, premiered at Lyric Opera of Chicago. Libretto by Arnold Weinstein and Robert Altman.
"...there is no reason to resist this rarest of creations: a meaningful American comic opera." -Mark Swed, LA Times