David Schiff Celebrates Retirement and Legendary Jazz Violinist Regina Carter to Perform "4 Sisters"

David Schiff will be retiring from teaching at Reed College at the end of this school year, and the college will be offering a celebratory retropective of his time there over the course of three concerts dedicated to his music: March 12: Jazz Night, April 23: A Concert of Peace and Love, and April 25: Shifrin (and Friends) Play Schiff (co-presented with Chamber Music Northwest).  Music to be performed includes: Singing in the Dark (3/12), Peace for Chorus, Flute and Strings (4/23), All About Love (4/23), Vashti (4/25), Scenes from Adolescence (4/25), Divertimento from Gimpel the Fool (4/25).

Legendary jazz violinist Regina Carter will be joining the Chicago Sinfonietta to present Four Sisters, conducted by Mei-Ann Chen on May 11 and 13. 

Schiff's new Chamber Concerto for Clarinet and Ensemble, dedicated to David Schifrin, will premiere at Chamber Music Northwest July 6 and 8.

David Schiff's Stomp was performed by the Eugene Symphony Orchestra on October 18, 2018.  To inquire after that title or any other, please contact the publisher.