Donald Crockett's And the River for Two Piano Soloists and Orchestra Premiered

Donald Crockett's And the River for two piano soloists and orchestra, jointly commissioned by the Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra, Oberlin Conservatory and the Aspen Music Festival, received its premiere May 12 of 2018 with HOCKET on the pianos and the Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra.  HOCKET continued with a follow-up performance at Oberlin Conservatory on 11/18/2018 and will perfom it again in the summer of 2019 at the Aspen Music Festival. 

A performance of Night Scenes also took place at Bennington Chamber Music Conference on August 4 of 2018, while USC Thornton presented To Airy Thinness Beat: Chamber Concerto for Viola and Six Instruments on April 10 of last year.  Internationally, NOSO A/S in Norway will be performing Tracking Inland, conducted by Tim Weiss of Oberlin, on January 31 of this year.  This will be followed by another performance in Norway by the Norwegian Academy of Music of Whistling in the Dark on March 24, conducted by the composer, and Wet Ink for violin and piano.  Please inquire with the pubisher for information about these titles or any others by Donald Crockett.