Igor Shcherbakov Flute Concerto in Best of 2018 Releases

“This massively dark work for flute and orchestra, finally available in a reduction for flute and piano, needs almost no description - just a listen. It's dark. It's lush. It's beautiful, and we've been waiting on it for years. That's all that really needs to be said.” -Simon Berry. Featured in Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company’s Best Releases of 2018 for Flute and Piano is Igor Shcherbakov’s Concerto for Flute. The Concerto is among the composer's most poignant and beloved works. Written in memory of fellow composer Oleg Kyva, the piece has enjoyed performances in Switzerland, Poland, and Shcherbakov's home country of Ukraine. This first-ever publication of the piano reduction and solo flute part makes this concerto available to flutists for recital and competitions. Recording, perusal score, Shcherbakov recent publications and full Best Releases list links below.

Recording (string orchestra)

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